Engaging Media

Promotion is a vital part of any successful walking program. Successful promotion can

  • Increase attendance at events
  • Increase participation and support of your programs
  • Increase commitment to active living
  • Attract new people to your events and programs

Working with the media is a great way to spread the word about your program and promote physical activity. There a number of ways to engage your local media.

  • Create backgrounders, fact sheets, images or news releases
  • Develop public service announcements
  • Organize a news conference
  • Participate in a media interview
  • Host an event

Here are some other great ways to promote your walking program:

  • Host a walking program kick-off!
  • Recognize community members or walk leaders who participated and assisted in the walking program. Profile them around your community.
  • Encourage story submissions from community members of how being physical activity has improved their life.
  • Provide incentives or prizes for participation (partner with local businesses)
  • Contact your local newspaper or radio and highlight your program successes.

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