Volunteers & Staff

Helpful, inspiring and friendly walk leaders are essential for a successful walking program. A good Walk Leader is someone who:

  • Is friendly and easy to talk with
  • Makes the walk feel like a fun occasion
  • Is positive and encouraging for those starting out and encouraging of participants to keep coming back
  • Is reliable and punctual
  • Shows experience with and knowledge of a wide range of walks (from easy to more difficult)
  • Ensures the walking route is safe and predictable
  • Is enthusiastic
  • Has a warm approach and is welcoming
  • Has knowledge of basic first aid procedures
  • Is familiar with the routes and alternatives
  • Keeps knowledge current by attending meetings and education or update sessions
  • Informs the coordinator (if available) of any changes, hazards, or problems that occur during the walk

For more information on walk leaders please see the Walk Leader Handbook. This resource is also available in Punjabi, Spanish, and Chinese.


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