The ‘Many Walks of Life Club’

In 2009, Mission Friendship Centre Society partnered with Fraser Health Aboriginal Health Program to host a pilot program comprised of a physical activity component called “Many Walks of Life Club”. This program was funded by the BC Recreation and Parks Association’s Everybody Active Initiative. The “Many Walks of Life Club” grew into what became one of the most positive programs the centre offered all year and encouraged many unlikely individuals to join the fun.

The “Many Walks of Life Club” set the challenging, yet reachable goal to walk to Hilo, on the Big Island of Hawaii. This required the group to walk over 7 million steps!

Although the challenge was not a competition, some participants strived to walk more than others, for fun. Group walking activities helped maintain the focus on working as a team to achieve group progress.

Once the group reached their goal, they celebrated with a big, yet healthy, Hawaiian feast!

Read more about the program here.

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